Eyelid Surgery – Things to Consider About It

Eyelid surgery is used to reduce the appearance of bags, and improve droopy eyes. The surgery should be performed by an experienced doctor. blefaroplastia medellin

Eyelid surgery can help you look younger. Many people also opt for the procedure to eliminate the appearance of droopy eyelids. Sometimes older patients receive this procedure so they can see better. Fatty eyelids can impede a person’s vision. Sometimes fat accumulates on a person’s eyes over time,Eyelid Surgery - Things to Consider About It Articles┬ácausing this condition. The condition can make people look older than their current age. Bags sometimes form under a person’s eyes as they grow older and the procedure can correct these bags. The treatment can also remove some of the wrinkles that form due to problems with the eyes. The treatment is also called blepharoplasty, and it is simple in theory. A surgeon makes incisions in the eyelids and removes accumulated fat. The procedure can result in a big improvement in one’s appearance.

Physicians typically tell people who seek this procedure to stop taking aspirin or other medications that may pose a risk during the procedure. You may also be asked to stop smoking, and the doctor may request that you do not eat prior to the procedure. Many doctors require that you have a friend or family member available during the procedure to drive you home. Some doctors will not treat you until you have a person on record that will perform these responsibilities. This is because the doctor will like to make sure that you have someone who will take care of you and assist you after the outpatient procedure.

Some of the patients experience severe swelling in the eyes, pain, or itching. Some of the symptoms that may occur after the eyelid surgery are normal. Your doctor, however, will tell you which symptoms should be of concern. Although most people with healthy skin, are candidates for this procedure the doctor will perform a full examination and ask about any allergies. Nonsmokers are the preferable candidates for blepharoplasty. Basically, the doctor will want to make sure that you will not have complications during the procedure and during recovery.

It will take several weeks for the swelling to go down, and for you to see the full results after the procedure. Your incisions may still be visible for several months after the procedure. Small amounts of makeup can often cover the scars. Ask your doctor about the likelihood that the scars will be completely invisible. In the meantime, foundation that matches your skin is probably suitable. Wear facial sunblock to further help the scars lighten. The sun can make the marks from the procedure darken over time. Sunblock can also help protect your skin from wrinkling. Ask your doctor to tell you how your face will look as you age upon receiving the procedure. You should also ask the doctor if it will be necessary for you to receive additional treatments.

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